Advanced Photography Lighting Workshop in Nagaland 

When the day comes that the developing nations find that modern is not always better, will they know where to look for answers?
I would like to invite you to accompany me on an extraordinary journey of culture and photography. As photographers we can help spread awareness of the beauty, knowledge and ancient cultures that exist in the people contained in those hard to reach places at the depths of the earth. But this is not just a point and shoot expedition. Before we take out our cameras we are there as people. We connect to the culture. We get to know our subjects as individuals. Only then can we capture authenticity. With hands-on training in high quality photography equipment, lighting and post-production techniques, and through guided participation in the lives of natives, we can capture the beauty of tribes people.  We will learn things about the world, our craft and our selves, like no other way on earth.

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Highlights of the Workshop

Understanding the Konyak culture

Photographing and working with the last living headhunters

Understanding technical and ethical parts of photography

On Location workflow using advanced lighting techniques and gear

Explore Longwa and neighbouring villages

Dates: 26 Feb '17 - 6 Mar '17

Workshop inclusions

  • All transport within India ( Return Flights from Delhi, Mumbai or Banglore, Bus/car from Dimapur - Longwa and back)
  • 9 nights accommodation in local homestays
  • 3 meals per day of locally prepared food (Please be aware that this is India. Food is spicy. Veggie options are available.)
  • Unlimited bottled water per day
  • Use of professional grade equipment (strobes, backgrounds, light boxes, Umbrellas, reflectors, etc.)
  • **NOT INCLUDED IN THE WORKSHOP**   round-trip international flight to and from India, tips for locals, visa expenses and personal spending money (suggested amount $200). Please provide your own DSLR camera, Laptop and a card reader. (Check FAQ section for things you need to bring) 


Photography Modules: What will you learn? 

Lighting & composition
Hands on training in location photography using professional lighting equipment as well as natural light.

Style & genre
Exposure to different genres of photography, ranging from documentary and street to landscape and portraiture.

Professional equipment training
Applicants will have the opportunity to work with equipment from industry leaders, like Profoto, Nikon/Canon, and grips from industry leaders like Manfrotto to develop their styles in the best possible way.

Post-production & retouching
Basic training on post-production procedures using Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Camera RAW, and Bridge.

Workflow procedures & data management
Learn how to work with hard drives, memory cards and effectively manage data to store and archive your photographs.

Ethical side of photography
Responsibility and discipline to be a documentary photographer. 

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The cost of this workshop is $1500 for foreign nationals and $1000 for indian nationals.

***The difference of additional $500 is to cover the cost of entry fees and permits, not applicable to Indian nationals.***

If you would like to participate in this 9-day photography workshop, please fill out the application form by clicking on 'Apply'. Please see the FAQ section for further details about VISA, trip requirements, who can apply, and more. Enquiries now open, send your questions to