A lot of people have asked whether I am looking for inters or assistants and the truth is that in the field there isn't a lot of photographic assistance that I need. I usually carry my own equipment and manage to set up lights. However the area that I do need help with is this - when I travel I am constantly on a lookout for people whose skills can be useful in the specific region that I am in. If you are the right person, I will pay your expenses (accommodation, food, transportation) for the duration of our trip together and I will offer you whatever knowledge I have, in return for your help.

The skills you need to have: 

  • Proficiency in the local language
  • excellent communication and people skills
  • Familiarity with traditional communities and their cultures

This isn’t the best way to build your portfolio. When I photograph people, I do not want to have others photographing at the same time, this is distracting for me and overwhelming for the subjects. There might still be chances, but you should not base your desire to come on that.
This isn’t a holiday. At times we will really be roughing it out.

Please fill out this form if you are interested! 


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